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Opinion David Callahan 7 September 2017

A foundation gives $1 billion in one city and things (mostly) get worse. What’s the lesson?

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation recently announced that its total giving in Flint, Michigan—its home city—hit a historic milestone of $1 billion in grants, stretching back to the foundation’s creation in 1926. That’s an impressive figure and, …

Letter David Callahan 2 March 2015

Too little focus on systemic change

Responses to Michele Fugiel Gartner and Daniel Overall, ‘The trouble with transformation creep’ ‘Whether interventions come through the lens of philanthropy, humanitarianism or economic development, we risk losing much by judging all social initiatives against …

Opinion David Callahan 27 November 2014

Be Afraid: The Five Scariest Trends in Philanthropy

This article originally appeared on Inside Philanthropy. The original article can be found here> My six-year-old son and I had a macabre idea for a costume last night: We were going to put a bullseye …