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Dharmendra Kanani

Conference reports Dharmendra Kanani 9 June 2016

Innovation in philanthropy – What new skills are needed to meet these new challenges

Don’t do this while you read this but bear with me: Promise to close your eyes – behave like you’re in a school class and act on this instruction – peer pressure is so immense …

Conference reports Dharmendra Kanani 28 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Opening plenary – the time is ripe to do things differently

The stage was set for the opening plenary of the 27th edition of the EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference: Imagining and Investing in our future – in Amsterdam. The auditorium strangely resembled a container …

Letter Dharmendra Kanani 1 December 2014

Transparency and accountability: two sides of the same coin

Transparency is often in the eye of the beholder. Grantees and applicants want to know the criteria for funding; NGOs want to understand the sources of funding; interested members of the public want to know …