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Felicitas von Peter

Special feature Felicitas von Peter 1 September 2014

Finding a consultant: blended skills for blended value?

When my business partner and I asked her what she expected to earn as a consultant at our advisory firm Beyond Philanthropy, the young woman cheerfully named a figure that was double the amount we …

Special feature Felicitas von Peter 1 September 2010

A profession in search of standards

There is a famous Peanuts cartoon that hangs in the offices of many philanthropy advisers that ends with the punchline: ‘I want to be a great philanthropist with someone else’s money!’ The philanthropy advice market …

Letter Felicitas von Peter 1 September 2008

Finding a niche or meeting the need?

Among the many excellent articles in the June Alliance special feature, I was particularly struck by Rory Tolentino’s statement that ‘responsible philanthropy tries to gather information, listens to voices close to the ground, and determines …

Special feature Felicitas von Peter 1 March 2007

New philanthropists in Europe – Following the ‘Gates approach’?

In the philanthropic calendar, 2006 will probably be remembered as the year when Warren Buffett opened the Gates to an ‘era of new philanthropy’. The donation itself as well as the resulting size and importance …

Conference Report Felicitas von Peter 1 March 2007 For Subscribers

The World Economic Forum

While the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (24-28 January) has never been known as a meeting place for civil society, this year’s Forum could be the starting point for a change of direction. Admittedly, …