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Florence Miller

Opinion Florence Miller and Patricia Cremona 17 November 2021

UK foundation giving to environmental causes is on the up, but still a drop in the ocean

After years of little change, annual giving from UK foundations for environmental work nearly doubled between 2015/16 and 2018/19, a hugely encouraging upswing. At £222 million, annual giving levels still have a long way to …

Opinion 2 Eva Rehse and Florence Miller 1 November 2021

The state of climate funding heading into COP26

COP26, rightly critiqued for its exclusionary approach, will shape how governments respond to the climate crisis. It is also as an organising moment for civil society, and a chance for funders to make public commitments …

Opinion Florence Miller 29 July 2021

Fund ‘Cinderella causes’ to push Earth Overshoot Day back

This year we’ll hit Earth Overshoot Day, the day by which we’ve used up the ecological resources that the Earth could regenerate in one year, on 29 July, fully five months before the end of …

Opinion Florence Miller 6 May 2020

Environmental philanthropy and COVID-19: What’s love got to do with it?

COVID-19 took many of our carefully thought-through plans and scattered them from the window of a fast-moving vehicle. But the pandemic has also brought many things into sharp focus. Inequalities of experience We may all …

Letter Florence Miller 6 September 2016

Act fast and fairly on climate

Alliance’s June 2016 issue highlighted the tiny amount of philanthropic funding directed towards climate change: just 2 per cent of total US and UK foundation spending. Yet it’s hard to imagine another philanthropic cause that …

Letter Florence Miller 1 December 2012

Slow to jump on the data bandwagon?

We were delighted to see Alliance’s dedication to data in the last issue. At the UK-based Environmental Funders Network (EFN), we are committed to the idea that data can help drive effective philanthropy, focusing our …