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Genevieve Maitland Hudson

Conference reports Genevieve Maitland Hudson 8 June 2016

Can we ‘hack’ our way to better philanthropy?

It’s always interesting when a successful approach from one field or sector gets taken up by another. This has been the fate of the ‘hackathon’, a means of swiftly working up an idea into a …

Opinion 4 Genevieve Maitland Hudson 31 March 2016

Another response to Caroline Fiennes and Ken Berger’s mea culpa

In a recent article for Alliance Magazine Caroline Fiennes and Ken Berger say a mea culpa for the impact revolution in social programmes and suggest two ways in which we ought to work in the …

Special feature Genevieve Maitland Hudson 1 June 2015

Kettles, robins and chickens: the epistemology of feedback

If we want to promote feedback as an integrated and essential tool in the shed of social impact, ranged above the workbench with the screws of social investment, the hammer of the RCT and the …

Opinion Genevieve Maitland Hudson 5 May 2015

When the fact of testing matters more than the results or the test itself

What counts as evidence of the validity of social programmes? Validity in this context isn’t always clearly defined but may be determined by the answers to a number of questions, including: is the programme reaching …

Opinion 2 Genevieve Maitland Hudson 27 February 2015

Are you a positivist or an idealist about social programmes?

If I ever get a tattoo it will probably be a chunk of text from a book by Ian Hacking. I think it would be suitable, tattoos being permanent and Hacking’s texts so endlessly applicable …

Conference reports Genevieve Maitland Hudson 13 February 2015

A measurement revolution for the feudal barons of the charity world?

In an article published in the Spectator yesterday, Miles Goslett writes about Kids Company and an odd sequence of events surrounding a donation to the charity. In a Spectator blog post and linked article I offer …