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Hannah Barker

Opinion Hannah Barker 19 December 2022

Learning to scale, scaling to learn

For many of you, this will feel like an all-too-familiar situation – one that you’ll have either grappled with yourself or worked through with your partners. At Spring Impact, we support charities across the globe …

Opinion Hannah Barker and Amy Cuffley 7 January 2021

Why fund strategy in the face of crisis?

This year, the charity sector has shown great ability to adapt and ensure it continues to help the most in need through the midst of the crisis. But lots of charities and social enterprises are …

Practical advice Hannah Barker 5 August 2020

Why the most difficult time for planning strategy may be the right time

As we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a need – and hopefully now some opportunity – for organisations across the social sector to step back, take stock and determine …