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Hanna Surmatz

Special feature Hanna Surmatz 5 December 2023 For Subscribers

Foundations’ role in shaping policy

Foundations have a legitimate role to play in shaping public policy, but that legitimacy depends on high standards of governance and transparency In a world grappling with the aftershocks of a global pandemic, enduring conflicts, …

Conference reports Hanna Surmatz 19 June 2021

Appetite to further analyse the rationale and efficiency of tax incentives for philanthropy

When commenting on the ERNOP Science and Society Seminar presentation of Giedre Lidelkyte Huber (Geneva Centre for Philanthropy) of key findings from the recent in-depth OECD report, I very much enjoyed the part of the …

Special feature Hanna Surmatz and Nikoleta Bitterová 2 March 2021 For Subscribers

Restrictions blot the landscape

Despite the growth of philanthropy in Europe and moves towards greater European integration, new research finds that foundations face ongoing restrictions A favourable legal and operating environment is crucial for the philanthropy sector to meet …

Opinion Hanna Surmatz 18 August 2020

Why European funders need to be vigilant to keep their space open

In ways big and small, European philanthropy contributes to the public good in the fields of research and innovation, education, health, environment, culture, international development, democracy or human rights just to name a few. Many …

Special feature Hanna Surmatz 29 May 2018

Keeping the closing space open won’t be a solo effort

To challenge growing restrictions on civil society, philanthropy will need to work collaboratively. Infrastructure organizations should be at the fore Philanthropy is an integral part of civil society and many foundations dedicate significant resources to …