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Heiko Specking

Conference reports Heiko Specking 30 October 2015

Foundations and civil society engagement: The raison d’être of small foundations engaging on community level

Small foundations tend to target local issues, rather than chase large scale national impact. There is a different dynamic in their engagement with beneficiaries and therefore the impact of their work needs to be considered …

Opinion Heiko Specking 20 October 2015

The Swiss Foundation Code 2015: A state of the art regulatory for grant-making foundations

The new Swiss Foundation Code (SFC) 2015 was launched last month, in Zurich. This completely revised third edition of self-regulatory governance guidelines consists of three core principles and 29 (three more than the 2009 code) …

Opinion Heiko Specking 24 August 2015

Social impact bonds: made in Switzerland – finally!

In 2010 the first social impact bond was launched in the UK. In its very nature this innovative structured fixed-income instrument proved the concept of realising a reasonable financial return along with a measurable social …

Conference reports Heiko Specking 22 June 2015

SwissFoundations Symposium 2015: How foundations reach their goals

Swiss Foundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations, chose a picturesque place for a day-long annual symposium on 3 June 2015. Three hundred participants were warmly welcomed at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, a well-respected Swiss …