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Jane Tanner

Opinion Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan and Kate Hitchcock 18 May 2021

Capacity, courage, and resolve

It is possible and necessary for people to engage effectively in difficult conversations about racism, sexism, classism, and other inequities in the philanthropic sector. Each time you do so is an opportunity to explore your …

Opinion 1 Jane Tanner 18 May 2021

Free of the burden

Finally I had a space where I wasn’t required to explain the impact of working in the established colonial constructs of grantmaking. I had a visceral response as we worked through the various exercises with …

Analysis 1 Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan and Kate Hitchcock 17 May 2021

Uprooting racism in grantmaking

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan, and Kate Hitchcock reflect on key learnings from some uncomfortable conversations about racism among European foundations, led by Healing Solidarity. We had the opportunity to participate in …