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Kamna Muralidharan

Opinion Ben Cairns and Kamna Muralidharan 9 May 2022

Funders and charities should be equal players in a collective effort

In response to recent exchanges in Alliance magazine about the nature and efficacy of trust based philanthropy, we join the founders of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project in encouraging all funders to ‘look beyond the headlines …

Opinion Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan and Kate Hitchcock 18 May 2021

Capacity, courage, and resolve

It is possible and necessary for people to engage effectively in difficult conversations about racism, sexism, classism, and other inequities in the philanthropic sector. Each time you do so is an opportunity to explore your …

Opinion 1 Kamna Muralidharan 18 May 2021

The experience of unbelonging

Immediately I could feel my shoulders drop. To be able to sit with a group of people of colour led by facilitators Swatee Deepak and Roshni Nuggehalli to talk about racism was in itself liberating …

Analysis 1 Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan and Kate Hitchcock 17 May 2021

Uprooting racism in grantmaking

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan, and Kate Hitchcock reflect on key learnings from some uncomfortable conversations about racism among European foundations, led by Healing Solidarity. We had the opportunity to participate in …