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Opinion John Nickson 17 April 2015

A response to Timothy Ogden’s – Why philanthropists should not support the arts

At last, we have an argument against philanthropy for the arts, see Timothy Ogden’s article in Alliance magazine. Ogden makes some powerful points and one of them resonates with me in particular. I hope that I …

Special feature 1 John Nickson 2 March 2015

Why art and philanthropy are natural partners

Art first appeared in caves 40,000 years ago. The arts define humanity and our ability to understand, imagine, create and communicate. Art and philanthropy have been synonymous since civilization began because art is dependent upon …

Opinion John Nickson 26 February 2014

Culture, or Cancer Research?

This is a meaningless debate because we need both. “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver.” Sometimes misattributed to Hermann Goering, Founder of the Gestapo and the Luftwaffe, Nazi Germany “As …