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John Hecklinger

Conference reports John Hecklinger 15 September 2023

Philanthropy for the grassroots

Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium by the Network of Engaged International Donors and The Philanthropic Initiative opened in a powerful way. Ilwad Elman from Elman Peace & Human Rights Centre in Somalia and Jamila Afghani …

Opinion John Hecklinger 9 May 2020

A silver lining to COVID-19: Courage, empathy, and generosity

The coronavirus pandemic arrived quickly, quietly, and everywhere. In the space of days, we at Global Fund for Children went from wondering if our grantee partners would be affected, to supporting dozens of locally-led, grassroots …

Conference reports John Hecklinger 25 February 2020

Reality check: are we practicing trust based philanthropy?

Last week in Tijuana at the Gender, Childhood, and Youth on the Move conference we closed the day with a session bringing funders and organisations together in a space for ‘frank and horizontal dialogue between donors …

Conference reports John Hecklinger 21 February 2020

Stand with leaders shifting the power (even from you)

It’s critical we learn how to truly engage and work with leaders flipping power dynamics even if it means dismantling our own systems of power. Yesterday in Tijuana, Mexico, we kicked off a major conference …

Conference reports John Hecklinger 2 April 2019

Bottom up vs Top down: an age old question

There’s been an interesting central ideological tension today between bottom up and top down – a classic debate but being framed in interesting new ways here at the 2019 Global Philanthropy Forum.  On the one …