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Analysis Bruce Sievers and Judith Symonds 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Has philanthropy forgotten about ‘the common good’?

Efforts to create a sense of social solidarity are thwarted by the drive to pursue individual interests at the expense of collective ends In an era of unprecedented wealth, technological advancement, and global interdependence, we …

Opinion Judith Symonds 24 August 2018

(Re)building the field of philanthropy

Barry Knight’s blog, Philanthropy needs all the help it can get, provides a lucid, compelling analysis and recommendations for functions that philanthropy infrastructure needs to play to look after its ‘own self interests,’ stop ‘punching …

Letter Judith Symonds 6 March 2018

Stylish new designs combine with in-depth coverage

I have to admit that I was sceptical when the Alliance team polled its readers about what we wanted to see in design and format for its new-look magazine. My interest in really reading a large volume of articles was waning, tending to skim for …

Special feature Judith Symonds 7 March 2017

Academia has neglected philanthropy but the tide is turning

For a sector that has a real and verifiable impact on so many of the historical and contemporary challenges facing society, philanthropy may be one of the least researched and understood fields in contemporary life. …

Opinion Judith Symonds 1 December 2011

Advisers’ perspectives – Philanthropy, advocacy and systemic change

If the principal goals of philanthropy are to help resolve societal problems, serve the ‘public good’ and bring about sustainable systemic change, then advocacy is an essential element in achieving these goals. Indeed, Gara La …

Letter Judith Symonds 1 December 2010

When can Gerry Salole give up his keys?

Alliance is to be commended for dedicating its September issue to philanthropy advice and for avoiding its being perceived as an ‘advertising supplement’. Despite a bit of subtle pitching by some, there were some important …