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Julia Roig

Opinion Julia Roig 16 January 2023

How can funders support pro-democracy movements?

As the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day on 16 January, it is a moment to look back on the ways a broad-based, pro-democracy movement came together to push for civil rights and …

Practical advice 1 Julia Roig and Melanie Greenberg 9 March 2021

How to invest in narrative competency and combat toxic polarisation

In part one of this series, we argued for why philanthropy should invest in narrative competency to help combat toxic polarisation. Here, we offer some recommendations for how. Let’s be audacious! By using a cultural …

Opinion 2 Julia Roig and Dr Solon Simmons 1 March 2021

A call for investment in narrative competency in divided times

One thing everyone seems to agree on these days is how divided we are. Toxic polarisation has many inter-connected causes and overlapping effects on society and on our political systems throughout the world. It also …