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Kathleen Enright

Opinion Kathleen Enright, Peter Laugharn and Benjamin Bellegy 10 October 2022

The next evolution of international philanthropy: Localization

American foundations should feel pride about one of the key headlines from an event at the U.N. General Assembly last month: a new report on global giving found their giving has skyrocketed in recent years, …

Letter Kathleen Enright 1 September 2013

Response to Nick Deychakiwsky: humanistic or technocratic?

Nick Deychakiwsky’s article ‘The Programme Officer’s Dilemma’ in the June issue of Alliance describes a set of tensions that perplex many in philanthropy. Am I a humanistic or a technocratic grantmaker? Which approach is better? Paul …

Letter Kathleen Enright 1 September 2010

Growing impact

Pamela Hartigan’s article ‘Reflections on the meaning of “scale”’ lays forth a fundamental shift in thinking about social entrepreneurship with which I wholeheartedly agree. As a field we must shift the emphasis from growing organizations …