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Opinion Kathleen Enright, Peter Laugharn and Benjamin Bellegy 10 October 2022

The next evolution of international philanthropy: Localization

American foundations should feel pride about one of the key headlines from an event at the U.N. General Assembly last month: a new report on global giving found their giving has skyrocketed in recent years, …

Analysis Benjamin Bellegy 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Professionals of humility

The professionalisation of our field is gathering pace but we must never abandon the art of philanthropy It is no scoop to say that philanthropy has rapidly and deeply professionalised over the past decades. Actually, …

Opinion Benjamin Bellegy 17 August 2021

Philanthropy must act on ‘code red for humanity’

We all know that climate change is no longer a crisis. It has become an emergency. A groundbreaking report published earlier this month by the world’s leading authority on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on …

Opinion 3 Benjamin Bellegy 15 February 2021

A call to philanthropy: let’s help build societies that are tech-enabled, not tech-led

In the Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of The Typographic Man, we learn that the printing press revolutionised the world by making possible the rise of individualism, Protestantism and modern capitalism. The author, Marshall McLuhan, concludes …

Special feature Benjamin Bellegy 29 May 2018

Benjamin Bellegy: Heads together to #LiftUpPhilanthropy

There are many good reasons to invest in infrastructure and all of them point to the need for concerted thought and action It is not that common to debate the question of philanthropy infrastructure. It’s …

Conference reports Benjamin Bellegy 6 October 2017

Reflections of the 2017 Brazilian Philanthropy Forum

I recently had the pleasure in attending the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum in Sao Paulo organized by the Brazilian WINGS member, the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS). As every year, IDIS gathers a …