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Kerstin Tebbe

Conference reports Kerstin Tebbe 21 October 2023

The do’s and don’ts of funding networks

On the first day of WINGSForum 2023, we – Lina Ingles and Matt Reeves from Aga Khan Foundation, Gloria Cid from La Caixa Foundation, Vanessa Stevens from Global Fund for Children, and I – facilitated …

Opinion Kerstin Tebbe 18 September 2021

Funding networks: Answering the what, why, and how

Networks often require donor funding to undertake activities to achieve their visions and missions. But, as we so often hear in our work with networks, mobilizing and managing adequate funds pose a host of challenges, …

Opinion 1 Kerstin Tebbe 17 January 2021

Philanthropy and networks: opening the black box

Networks matter to philanthropy. Philanthropy is often about solving hard, complex problems – and so are networks. Funders work with and through networks because they can solve these problems by providing fit-for-purpose models and approaches. …