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Kumi Naidoo

Conference reports 1 Kumi Naidoo 28 September 2021

Embrace intersectionality or risk more ‘foolanthropy’

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium. I, and many others, hope that events like these will influence those that we need to, in the way …

Book review Kumi Naidoo 1 September 2009

Global Development 2.0: Can philanthropists, the public and the poor make poverty history? by Lael Brainard

Global Development 2.0 is a timely assessment of the changing landscape of development. It explores the common challenges faced by all development players, including questions of accountability; effective deployment of human, technological and financial resources; …

Special feature Kumi Naidoo 1 June 2007

Philanthropy or foolanthropy? Making global philanthropy effective

The world is becoming increasingly unequal, divided between religions and regions, and environmentally unsustainable. The philanthropic community has the potential to play a key role in fostering greater equity and greater justice – a world …

Special feature Kumi Naidoo 1 March 2002

Civil society under threat following September 11

To what extent are anti-terrorist measures by governments weakening civil society, whether inadvertently or intentionally? And how are civil society organizations (CSOs) acting to counter threats to civil liberties – either threats to their own …

Editorial Kumi Naidoo 1 March 2000 For Subscribers

Editorial – Ten years of funding in Central and Eastern Europe

Last November I addressed the World Conference on Religion and Peace in Amman, Jordan. The subject was the importance of secular civil society working together with religious civil society. In Africa faith-based organizations probably provide …

Editorial Kumi Naidoo 1 September 1999 For Subscribers

Editorial – NGO accreditation

Can civil society afford not to engage the business sector? This is the question we face as we approach the new millennium. There are many sceptics within civil society who doubt whether engagement of companies …