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Lev Fejes

Opinion Lev Fejes 13 September 2022

Why – and how – community foundations can link their work to the SDGs

With the halfway mark of the Goals’ just around the corner in 2023, it is evident that long-term progress on the targets set for 2030 are hampered by the need to fend off the latest …

Opinion Lev Fejes and Nicolas Malmendier 16 February 2022

Impact Integrity: A journey from awareness to safeguarding the societal mission of the Corporate Social Investor

Being an impact-driven organisation linked to a company is not easy. How can corporate foundations and impact investors deal with the inherent tensions that this relationship brings, and safeguard their impact integrity? Imagine for a …

Conference reports Lev Fejes 19 July 2021

The sector that cried wolf?!

It is the understatement of the year to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on our private and social lives, as well as on the economy. The third sector constitutes no …

Conference reports Lev Fejes 27 January 2020

PEX-ed up!

I am writing this blog post on the plane, during my flight back to Cluj from Madrid. The vibe of the first #PEXforum2020 is still fresh after three days. As this rarely happens, I would …

Conference reports Lev Fejes 12 July 2019

ERNOP2019: Reflections of a former academic turned practitioner

As I walked in (late, due to airport delays) to the Kollegienhaus at the University of Basel to attend my first ERNOP conference, the first thing that hit me was the heat. It was a …