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Lisa-Anne Julien

Special feature Lisa-Anne Julien 5 September 2023 For Subscribers

Little by little in Africa… might just do the trick on SDGs

Community philanthropy can help African countries make progress towards meeting the SDGs. And why should their example not be replicated on other continents? Enlisting philanthropy to help countries make progress on the SDGs is nothing …

Opinion Lisa-Anne Julien 17 December 2019

African and Jewish philanthropy merge to deepen the practice of giving among the youth

There are several African terms that embody the spirit of philanthropy. The South African term Ubuntu has come to mean many things but essentially translates to ‘I am because of you’. The Swahili term Harambee …

Analysis Lisa-Anne Julien 4 December 2018

African philanthropy comes to the policy table

Foundations are increasingly prepared to join forces with government to achieve strategic policy improvements Philanthropy, or the act of giving, finds itself on an exciting cusp in contemporary Africa. While the term ‘philanthropy’ may still …