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Lynda Mansson

Opinion Lynda Mansson 20 March 2023

Flying too close to the fire

Passion is like fire. Those of us who work in the non-profit world are usually driven by passion for the cause we are devoted to and the ability to make a difference. We are striving …

Special feature Donika Dimovska and Lynda Mansson 31 May 2022 For Subscribers

Peer Dialogue: Success isn’t the priority

Created in 1994 to support conservation and sustainable economies mainly around the Mediterranean, coastal West Africa and Switzerland, the MAVA Foundation will cease grantmaking this year. Self-analysis has been a key part of its winding-down …

Opinion Lynda Mansson 29 January 2022

Meaning or money – what do we value?

It is common knowledge that if you choose a career in the non-profit sector, you should expect to be paid less, sometimes significantly less, than if you choose to work in the private sector. Evidence …

Analysis Lynda Mansson 30 November 2021

The sunset is beckoning

After nearly three decades of protecting areas of biodiversity, the MAVA Foundation is preparing to close. Its director-general shares her insights into the experience of ‘sunsetting’ Yes, it’s true, we’re closing. In 2010, when I …