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Maria Chertok

Opinion 1 Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 28 September 2012

USAID: thank you and goodbye!

I recently made a decision not to write about Russian politics in my next piece for this blog. Alas, I can’t keep this promise as our government once again decided to get engaged in agenda-setting …

Special feature Maria Chertok 1 September 2012

Data for what?

As I see it, the key tension when it comes to data is between the general desire to have data about everything in all possible detail and its ultimate usability. The most popular generic project …

Opinion Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 24 May 2012

Russian NGOs and civil society: under influence?

‘There is a war against Russia. It is an announced information war which involves hundreds and thousands of people, agencies and organizations. Taking advantage of the imperfect and out-dated Russian legislation, multimillion dollar budgets come …

Opinion 1 Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 30 January 2012

The new year has started – what’s in it for giving in Russia?

The World Giving Index released by CAF in December 2011 shows that the world has become a more charitable place over the last 12 months – with a 2% increase in the global population ‘helping …

Opinion Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 15 December 2011

Trends in institutional philanthropy in Russia

This is my second post based on the recent Russian Donors Forum Report on Institutional Philanthropy in Russia. I am very encouraged by e-mails and phone calls from readers of this blog, and as the …