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Opinion NESTA 5 October 2014

Now free to read – Impact investing in a democracy: A response to the Alliance special feature ‘Markets for Good: removing the barriers’

When I first started out in social impact investing, it was hard to find anyone writing or talking about it (apart from my boss at Venturesome, John Kingston). But the tables have turned, and in …

Opinion NESTA 17 September 2014

Social Impact Investing – are we nearly there yet?

On Monday the final report of the snappily titled ‘UK National Advisory Board to The Social Impact Investment Taskforce Established Under the UK’s Presidency of the G8′  was published. You are forgiven if you haven’t …

Opinion NESTA 3 June 2014

Investing for measurable impact

It certainly is an exciting and interesting year for impact investing. The government is working to make the UK a global hub for social investment, a new tax relief has been announced and investment banks …