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Olga Tarasov

Practical advice Olga Tarasov 20 August 2022

Operating Archetypes: a new tool for analysis and action

Given the recent and ongoing seismic shocks to society from the pandemic, increased recognition of systemic inequities, and climate change, many philanthropies around the world, regardless of their form, experience, age and size, are facing …

Analysis 1 Olga Tarasov 12 September 2019

Philanthropy’s social compact in a changing world

Trust in philanthropy is eroding. Widening inequality is contributing to public fears and anxiety about the roles various types of institutions play in public life—be they philanthropy, government, business, or academia. For the philanthropic sector …

Analysis Donzelina Barroso and Olga Tarasov 29 May 2018

The Philanthropy Canvas: Evaluating a foundation’s operating model

As part of an ongoing initiative to help the philanthropic sector more deeply understand the Theory of the Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors recently developed an analytical framework to help foundations to engage in self-evaluation and …