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Pamala Wiepking

Analysis 1 Pamala Wiepking 1 June 2021

Leaving it to trust

Unrestricted funding has been more talked about than practised by foundations. A new professorship in the Netherlands aims to get to the bottom of what its benefits – and its drawbacks – really are Recent …

News Pamala Wiepking 18 March 2021

With Amsterdam’s new Centre for Grantmaking Research, opportunities for study open

Unrestricted funding enables grantees to respond flexibly in times of crisis, helping them to build sustainable and resilient organisations, and it also enables innovation and scaling-up of existing initiatives. This is one of the key …

Analysis Pamala Wiepking 4 June 2019

The brighter side of philanthropy

If we want to use the study of philanthropy to create more generous societies, we need a more inclusive notion of the concept The question that drives my research as the Visiting Stead Family Chair …