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Priyanka Saha

Opinion Priyanka Saha and Give India 9 January 2013

Does India Inc really market its cause?

In today’s world of ‘global-philanthropy-meets-consumerism’, purchase sees an attached taste of feelgood. As more and more consumers flock towards ‘responsible’ product buys and as a large number of brands seek non-traditional perspectives as ways to …

Opinion Priyanka Saha and Give India 2 October 2012

Giving back is fun: A tool to enhance employee engagement for corporate India

Around this time last year, the Securities and Exchange Board of India passed the Companies Bill, which prescribed that corporations in India try to spend at least 2%, if not more, of their average net …

Opinion Priyanka Saha and Give India 2 August 2012

Recycling to aid a basic yet unaddressed need of underprivileged India

As the retail and apparel industry across the globe gets increasingly inundated with labels, styles and trends, we are becoming, or at least looking, more fashion-forward than ever before. This is even true in India, …

Opinion 6 Priyanka Saha and Give India 18 May 2012

Richness in an impoverished area of India

There are many things India is infamous for and one of those is Dharavi. What is the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word ‘Dharavi’? For most, it’s one of …

Opinion Priyanka Saha and Give India 17 January 2012

A workable solution to the philanthropic mindset of the Indian middle class

The last decade saw the Indian corporate sector thrive as never before, and as a direct consequence of this growth more and more people are joining the corporate workforce. As stated recently in the Economic …