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Rohini Nilekani

Interview Kyle Zimmer and Rohini Nilekani 20 May 2022

We need to talk about failure in the social sector

A lot of ink is spilled and awards are bestowed celebrating the success of the social sector – and there is much to celebrate. But the truth is, if innovation is essential to the ultimate …

Opinion Rohini Nilekani 9 February 2019

The social sector must recognise and talk about failure

With pressure to show returns on philanthropic capital, there’s little room to discuss failure. In order to mitigate huge organisational and programmatic risk, a culture of admitting failure needs to be built. A lot of …

Analysis Rohini Nilekani 1 June 2010 For Subscribers

Philanthropy in India

This speech was given by Rohini Nilekani at the launch of the Indian Philanthropy Forum (IPF) in Mumbai, 18-19 March 2010. The aim of the IPF is to build a dynamic community of philanthropists who …