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Simon Desjardins

Special feature Simon Desjardins 1 September 2014

Five lessons about human capital

 The idea of a social enterprise investing heavily in human capital as a prerequisite for growth is not controversial or even new. In fact, it seems so obvious that few would question it. It is …

Special feature Simon Desjardins 1 June 2011 For Subscribers

Why does Bihar matter?

Long before Gandhi would use it as a launch pad for his campaign for independence, Bihar was an economic powerhouse, serving as the capital of India during Ashoka’s empire in the third century BC, when …

Special feature Simon Desjardins 1 June 2011

Bihar’s energy funding ecosystem

Who is investing in the decentralized energy sector in Bihar and who could be investing here? I’ve tried to answer this by mapping the funding ecosystem based on stakeholders that we know. The stakeholders shown …

Special feature Simon Desjardins 1 June 2011

Opportunities for funders

There are currently many opportunities for donors and impact investors alike to support small and growing energy businesses in Bihar. For impact investors, providing scale-up funding to organizations with an established track record is one …

Special feature Simon Desjardins 1 June 2011

The vision – energy as a catalyst

We’ve heard in this issue of Alliance from some of the key stakeholders working on scalable ways to provide energy in Bihar. But what does the future of decentralized energy provision in this state look …