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Tobias Jung

Book review Tobias Jung 3 March 2020

From Generosity to Justice: A new gospel of wealth

Reviewed by Tobias Jung, director of the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good, University of St Andrews Published on the centenary of Andrew Carnegie’s death, Walker’s book proposes ‘A new gospel of …

Opinion Tobias Jung 16 July 2019

Giving Evidence on research priorities: one link to rule them all?

This month, Charity Futures and Giving Evidence launched their findings on whether, where and what research is needed about UK charities and giving. The work is divided into two categories. The first, research demand, looks …

Opinion Tobias Jung 26 March 2019

The European Philanthropy Manifesto: some critical comments

Last week saw the publication of the European Philanthropy Manifesto. Put forward by two foundation umbrella bodies, the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) and the European Foundation Centre (EFC), the Manifesto advocates a single …

Special feature Tobias Jung 29 November 2016

Is equality really on the menu?

On the shelf of philanthropic playthings, community philanthropy sits like a teddy bear. Next to the die-cast action figures of scientific and venture philanthropy, it feels soft, flexible and comforting; compared to the precious and …

Opinion Tobias Jung, Jenny Harrow and Diana Leat 14 July 2016

“Because you’re worth it” exploring some alternative images of ‘foundations’

Those of us interested in philanthropic foundations face an important existentialist question: What are these creatures? Nielsen famously equated foundations to giraffes in the organisational jungle, while Whitaker considered them as resembling Don Quixote in …