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Tony K Ansah Jr

Opinion Tony K Ansah Jr 29 July 2019

Bless your heart and soul African philanthropist

We often hear the saying or see the story about giving back to our African community. To each its own on that notion. It is easier said than done! The reality is some give and …

Analysis Tony K Ansah Jr 17 March 2019

African philanthropy equals more prosperity – Part III

When African philanthropy is stripped down to its bare minimum, there are fundamental aspects worth exploring here. Everything from individuals to informal and formal groups play a unique role in it. Also, the mediums used …

Opinion Tony K Ansah Jr 15 January 2019

Philanthropy in Africa equals more prosperity – Part II

Africans home & abroad are in a pivotal position to use their cultural heritage and traditional intelligence to package and deliver philanthropy that’s much more effective and efficient for Africa. Luckily, there are different ways …

Analysis Tony K Ansah Jr 15 December 2018

The narrative of Africa rising

Nowadays, the narrative of ‘Africa Rising’ is gaining popularity. According to this narrative the African continent is emerging and progressing to greater heights than ever before. However, when one takes a closer look it becomes …

Opinion 1 Tony K Ansah Jr 27 November 2018

African philanthropy for Africa is the future

There has been large amounts of charity, donations, and philanthropy going to and from Africa post-colonial era for decades. Those that have gone to Africa were via corporations, foundations, institutions, etc. Those that have come …