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Tsitsi Marylin Midzi

Book review Tsitsi Marylin Midzi 5 December 2023

Feminist Giving: Creating new frontiers in social change

Reviewed by Tsitsi Midzi, head of Transformative Partnerships & Philanthropy, Urgent Action Fund Africa As a passionate advocate for resourcing the Global South movements through a pan-African and feminist lens, I approached this book with …

Opinion Leila Hessini and Tsitsi Marylin Midzi 17 October 2023

A call for African philanthropies to center progressive feminist agendas

“Philanthropic organizations are increasingly expected to be transparent about their activities and impact, and to be accountable to their stakeholders.” Atieno Odhiambo – Urgent Action Fund – Africa Board Chair The world is literally and …

Conference reports 1 Immaculate Mugo and Tsitsi Marylin Midzi 4 March 2023

Reimagining Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies: Envisioning abundance

Genuine shifts of power within philanthropy can and will happen if the field reflects the diversities of the societies in which it operates, as well as the people and communities it serves. A crucial part …