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Conference reports Vanessa Stevens 22 October 2023

WINGSForum 2023: Transformation as the sixth T of philanthropy

One framework for a more expansive meaning of giving is the 5 T’s of Philanthropy: Time, Talent, Treasure, Ties, and Testimony. The 2023 WINGSForum in Nairobi brought a sixth T: Transformation. With more than 400 …

Opinion Anne Muthoni and Vanessa Stevens 30 August 2023

How funders can reach and support more youth-led groups

This August, as we celebrate International Youth Day, we call on all donors to commit to sustainably resourcing youth-led action. Only an estimated 16 percent of global human rights funding focuses on children and youth, …

Opinion 1 Vanessa Stevens 2 March 2022

Mapping a sector’s global re-imagination: Pathways for change in philanthropy

Every choice we make in philanthropy is an opportunity to move toward trust, equity, and justice. There are many pathways for change and when I became a grantmaker at Global Fund for Children in 2018, …

Conference reports Vanessa Stevens, Elisa Novoa, Freya Seath and Sonya Friel 26 August 2021

It’s time to change the future of funding for youth action

This year’s International Youth Day provided an opportunity to recognize how young people have endured the pandemic and to celebrate their actions for community recovery and resilience. It was also a call to the global community …

Conference reports Vanessa Stevens 28 February 2020

Funders as allies in the movement for migrant rights

‘They won’t even let us buy coffee for meetings, only water,’ shared one grassroots leader as she dialogued with funders and fellow participants at the Gender, Children, and Youth on the Move convening last week. …