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Vinita Sahasranaman

Opinion Vinita Sahasranaman and Virisila Buadramo 3 October 2022

From giving to sharing: a paradigm shift for philanthropy

Sharing sounds like a topic for a preschool lesson. But how does this concept transform philanthropy? At Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific, we are conscious of the power inherent in how we frame ‘why …

Opinion Ndana Bofu-Tawamba, Virisila Buadramo, Vinita Sahasranaman, Lorena Medina, Terry de Vries, Laura Carvajal and Kate Kroeger 10 December 2021

Transforming philanthropy with feminist principles

We are living through transformative times. As the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis accentuate systemic economic, racial, and global inequalities, as human rights and democracies are under siege, and as social movements call attention …