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Shalini Eddens

Opinion Ndana Bofu-Tawamba, Virisila Buadramo, Terry de Vries, Shalini Eddens, Kate Kroeger, Sofía Marcía, Lorena Medina and Vinita Sahasranaman 13 December 2022

Reflections on a journey of sharing power

Over the last several weeks, we have been reflecting on how we practice feminist principles of philanthropy in each of the Urgent Action Sister Funds, from how we work to build a culture of sharing …

Opinion Shalini Eddens and Kate Kroeger 15 November 2022

Funders, it’s time to change how we think about risk

The courage of Iranian girls and women taking to the streets in protest, removing their hijabs in defiance of unjust clerical rules, and demanding their fundamental rights captured the world’s attention. From schoolgirls to elder …