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Crisis response and resilience

The Feminist Humanitarian Response: a new approach to dismantle the humanitarian-industrial complex

Global Resilience Fund 20 November 2022

As crises continue to compound and grow, girls and young feminists – who are disproportionately impacted by crises are leading powerful frontline emergency response efforts while advancing systemic change. To mark World Humanitarian Day on August …

Funders, it’s time to change how we think about risk

Shalini Eddens and Kate Kroeger 15 November 2022

The courage of Iranian girls and women taking to the streets in protest, removing their hijabs in defiance of unjust clerical rules, and demanding their fundamental rights captured the world’s attention. From schoolgirls to elder …

Reclaiming resilience: Building in redundancy, complexity and diversity for systems change

Josiane Smith 8 November 2022

Reframing resilience in the context of harmful systems What if we conceived resilience in terms of thriving, rather than merely surviving? Philanthropy is well-placed to help lift the ambitions of actors to see resilience as …

What we can learn from crisis response around the world

Alliance magazine 8 November 2022

How is global philanthropy working to respond and build resilience to crises in their regions? The war in Ukraine, economic instability and a sudden increase in the cost of living, the effects of the Covid-19 …