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Nexus China Youth Summit 2013: a convenor’s view

Abbie Jung 15 January 2014

Although it would have been much easier to organize a summit in Hong Kong where I had contacts and resources, I chose to convene the first Asian Nexus event in China, the country of my …

Nexus China Youth Summit 2013: a social entrepreneur’s view

Ying-Ying Lu 14 January 2014

‘我相信未来的中国一定是属于那些有国际视野和本土资源的年轻人的.’ ‘I believe the China of the future will most certainly belong to those young people with both a global vision and local resources.’ Grant Hu, Nexus China co-coordinator at Nexus China Youth Summit 2013 …

Nexus China Youth Summit 2013: a next gen philanthropist’s view

Charles Ling 13 January 2014

I joined the Nexus community in 2012, when I attended both the China and the global summits. I find Nexus an open and vibrant platform for young people to share and engage. You can freely …