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Re-Imagining Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies

Reimagining Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies: Envisioning abundance

Immaculate Mugo and Tsitsi Marylin Midzi 4 March 2023

Genuine shifts of power within philanthropy can and will happen if the field reflects the diversities of the societies in which it operates, as well as the people and communities it serves. A crucial part …

Pan-African and feminist: the movement set to sweep philanthropy off its feet

Charles Keidan 28 February 2023

At a remarkable gathering in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, 100 African feminists, women’s funds and philanthropists gathered last month for an Indaba. Two hours’ drive from the capital Nairobi, the Indaba – a Zulu term for …

Reimagining Pan-African and feminist philanthropies: A vision for abundance

4 Alice D. Kanengoni 26 February 2023

I was excited when the Urgent Action Fund and Trust Africa invited me to be part of a panel to anchor a conversation on this topic at a recent Indaba in Naivasha. My excitement was …

The world at a turning point. Will philanthropy rise to the task of the moment?

Briggs Bomba 1 February 2023

The world today stands on the edge of a precipice – faced with a confluence of severe crises including deepening poverty and inequality, a looming ecological disaster, heightened risk of nuclear warfare, recurring natural disasters …

Re-Imagining Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies Indaba 2023 kicks off in Naivasha, Kenya

Tendisai Chigwedere, Ndana Bofu-Tawamba and Ebrima Sall 31 January 2023

The world is on fire. There is no more denying what we are seeing and what we are experiencing. Whether we are reeling from the impact of the climate crisis in Brazil, or the compounded …