Giving with a thousand hands: the changing face of Indian philanthropy by Pushpa Sundar – reviewed by Alison Bukhari

This book leaves the reader both emboldened and overwhelmed at the same time. It lays out an ambitious and visionary call to action and yet makes the reader all too aware of the fundamental systemic and cultural hurdles that stand in the way of bigger and better philanthropy on the subcontinent.  

Pushpa Sundar is an iconic character in the world of Indian philanthropy through her pioneering work with Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy.

She balances her depth of knowledge of the history, research and academic thinking on India’s social sector with a wealth of practical and highly contemporary experience.

In a very approachable writing style, she brings to us deep philosophical questions and musings about the role of philanthropy in society, applicable wherever we live, with a wealth of facts and figures about giving in India – all caveated with a clear transparency about the fact that a lack of information and data is one of Indian philanthropy’s greatest barriers.  

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