Philanthropy Australia welcomes Labor Party’s commitment to not-for-profit sector


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Philanthropy Australia welcomed announcement of a comprehensive not-for-profit sector policy agenda by the Australian Labor Party.

The announcement includes commitments to establish an advisory body o oversee the preparation of a not-for-profit sector development plan, reforms to fix fundraising regulation, protections for not-for-profit advocacy in legislation, and resources to resources to prepare a comprehensive Annual Charities Report.

Philanthropy Australia CEO, Sarah Davies, said these commitments align closely with the organisation’s recently released ‘Policy Priorities for a More Giving Australia’.

‘Australia’s not-for-profit sector is focused on making Australia a more inclusive society, assisting those in need, promoting culture, protecting our environment and making a difference in so many other areas,’ Ms Davies said.

‘Philanthropy, which is the use of private wealth for public benefit, plays a vital role in supporting the diverse, vibrant and innovative not-for-profits that strengthen the social capital in communities right across our nation.

‘It’s important to have the policies in place to support the work of the not-for-profit sector, including philanthropy, and that’s why we applaud these commitments from the Australian Labor Party,’ she said.

Philanthropy Australia recognises the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP’s leadership and commitment to the not for profit sector. As the Shadow Minister for Charities and Not-for-Profits over the last three years we acknowledge his strong engagement with Philanthropy Australia and other stakeholders from the charitable sector.

Ms Davies said the commitment to establish an advisory body to oversee the preparation of a not-for-profit sector development plan is a unique opportunity to identify the strategic challenges and opportunities for the sector and set out an agenda for how we can work with government to enhance our impact.

‘Philanthropy is increasingly funding advocacy in Australia, and the proposal to enshrine new protections for not-for-profit advocacy is an important step in creating an environment where advocacy by charities isn’t just tolerated by government but is actively valued and supported as essential to a strong civil society.

‘When it comes to reforming fundraising regulation in Australia, the time for talk is over, so it’s great to see a commitment to immediately start the reform process should the Australian Labor Party win the election,’ Ms Davies said.

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