Calls for greater focus on philanthropy ahead of Australian Federal Election


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Australia’s peak body for giving, Philanthropy Australia, is calling for a greater focus on philanthropy from both sides of politics in the lead up to this year’s Federal Election.

Philanthropy Australia released its ‘Federal Election Policy Priorities for a More Giving Australia’, through which it is seeking to spur action on the policy changes we need to encourage more and better philanthropy in Australia.

Philanthropy Australia Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Davies, said philanthropy provides essential funding which helps charities innovate and find new ways to increase their impact. This can also enhance the effectiveness of government programs, which can be shaped by ‘on the ground’ experience and expertise of charities and the perspectives of those whom they serve.

‘Although we currently have a relatively good policy and regulatory framework for philanthropy in Australia, change is needed if we want to grow philanthropy further, promote a flourishing civil society and support a vibrant and inclusive community,’ she said.

Philanthropy Australia’s ‘Policy priorities for the Federal Election’ set out 10 reforms to help achieve change to grow philanthropy. These include six short-term priorities which can realistically be achieved within one to two years of the 2019 Federal Election and with minimal budgetary impact, and four medium to long-term priorities, which have a time horizon of up to five years and a higher budgetary impact.

‘We need our political leaders to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy and the contribution it makes to our community, and we encourage them to support these policy priorities,’ Ms Davies said.

Read  Philanthropy Australia’s ‘Federal Election Policy Priorities for a More Giving Australia’ here.

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