How to create gender justice in Africa

Ndana Bofu-Tawamba

Building movements is the key to supporting women’s rights across the continent and giving power to community activists

Founded in 2001, Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa) is a pan-African and feminist fund which uses a rapid-response grantmaking model to support unanticipated, time-sensitive, innovative and bold initiatives. These resources enable African women’s rights and gender justice activists, organisations and movements to seize windows of opportunity, fracture patriarchy, amplify their voices, enhance their visibility, and significantly influence policies and laws on the continent. With a staff presence in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zimbabwe, its reach and effectiveness is likewise enhanced by a network of over 120 activist advisers across Africa.

UAF-Africa’s activist character means that movement building is at the core of our work. Our close proximity to local constituencies gives us the agility to use rapid response grantmaking to strengthen movement building efforts.

But why do we adopt this approach?

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