Not a crisis, an opportunity – Migrants in Latin America

Carolina Suarez and Juan David Ferreira

The social investment sector in Latin America should not only support the integration of migrants in host countries, it should weigh in on the debate about how they are seen

Latin America has faced several migration waves in the last two centuries, and while this has produced several learnings, it seems that the development approach to understanding migration as a crisis remains unchanged. For us, at Latimpacto, the challenge lies not in migration itself but in how governments, influenced by media, are regulating it and how the migration and development nexus is misunderstood by development actors. The question is how philanthropists and impact-driven investors accompany migrants on their journey and help them prosper together within their host communities.

Apart from the basic humanity which should dictate support and sympathy for those who have been uprooted, migrants provide crucial things to their new communities.

Despite the different economic, environmental, social and political crises in Latin America, the region offers multiple opportunities. This allows grantmakers and social investors to create long-lasting impact through innovative practices, beyond the common practices in partnership with other actors willing to deploy their capital more strategically.

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