Peace and security funding for all

Cath Thompson

In a world where nearly everything from the arts to vaccinations to conservation is being politicised, funders of all sorts can learn lessons from the peace and security field

Since every philanthropic endeavour depends ultimately on peaceful and stable societies, peace and security philanthropy underpins every funder’s aim. The peace and security field includes everything from nuclear disarmament and curbing weapons trafficking to protecting civilians in conflicts and promoting inclusive peace through race and gender equity. It is also expanding as new threats arise – climate change as a driver of conflict, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and widening societal divisions – and requires funders to balance immediate crises, such as Syria and Yemen, and long-term challenges like nuclear weapons and cyberwarfare.

The question of measuring the impact of supporting work that addresses conflict and injustice is a particularly difficult one. Over the years, funders have learned how to better track and share this.

Managing complexity

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