Egypt’s growing and changing philanthropy sector with CARE Egypt’s Hazem Fahmy

In Egypt, philanthropy is becoming more independent and sustainable, while also more open to experimentation and learning. And nowhere is this better exemplified than in the recent change in status for CARE Egypt – previously a country branch and part of the network of the international NGO CARE USA that delivers emergency relief and supports long-term international development projects, CARE Egypt has now become an independent public foundation registered under Egyptian law.

This is a big change for the organisation and one which started over six years ago. Not only does CARE Egypt have more agency and independence, but its also able to now build on existing and legacy donor-funded models to further its market-oriented approaches in the agribusiness sector and micro businesses for women.

To understand more about this journey, as well as philanthropy in Egypt, I sat down with Dr Hazem Fahmy, the Director of CARE Egypt.

Elika Roohi: What’s the background to CARE Egypt becoming an independent public Foundation?

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