Interview: Antonis Schwarz of the Guerrilla Foundation

What happens when a young man inherits a fortune but then uses his inheritance to challenge the systems which created it in the first place? We may be about to find out. The sale of leading German pharmaceuticals company Schwarz Pharma in 2006 changed the life of Antonis Schwarz, 16 years old at the time. He talks to Alliance editor, Charles Keidan, about his philanthropic vision and what motivates him to keep driving forward.

Wealth can be ‘a two-edged sword’, says Schwarz.

Schwarz Pharma was founded in 1946 by Rolf Schwarz, great-uncle of Antonis, who is a third-generation member of the eponymous German family.

Now 29, he is shifting his wealth into philanthropy and social investments and has clearly thought long about his inheritance and philanthropic aims.

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Charles Keidan