Interview: Rana Kotan, TUSEV

At the end of this year’s PEXforum in Madrid, it was announced that next year’s event will be held in Turkey. So it was an opportune moment for Charles Keidan to talk to Rana Kotan of TUSEV about the work of the Turkish philanthropy support organisation and the state of philanthropy in the country.

You used to work for the Sabanci Foundation but have now moved to TUSEV. What prompted you to move from grantmaking in a family foundation to being responsible for all of Turkey's foundations?

I'm an ex-investment banker who moved to the non-profit sector to make more of a social contribution. My work at the Sabanci Foundation gave me a really good grantmaker’s perspective on the sector. This new role at TUSEV will give me a broader perspective of civil society and allow me to contribute to the development of the infrastructure, the financial, legal as well as operational infrastructure.

So TUSEV represents foundations in Turkey but also civil society?

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