‘Invest in things that are uncertain’: Stefan Germann says shake it up

Switzerland’s Fondation Botnar has a mission familiar to the foundation world: improving the health of youth people. But the foundation’s specific focus is the inclusion of youth voices and the equitable use of artificial intelligence and digital technology – a new twist on an old song.

We wanted to understand more about the foundation’s journey, the way it sees digital and AI as part of youth well-being, and how it fits into the broader picture of philanthropy in Switzerland. So I sat down with Stefan Germann, the CEO at Fondation Botnar, at the Philea Forum in Barcelona to dig a little deeper.

‘We want to understand, as a foundation, how are young people engaging with digital, both on the upside and the downside. So that’s why we invested strongly into digital solutions’, says Germann. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Elika Roohi: Fondation Botnar was founded in 2003, but it really became the Foundation we know today when you joined in 2017. Can you tell us about that journey?

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