Laurence Tubiana has a message for European philanthropy

It is the end of May, and southern Spain is experiencing a heatwave so dramatic that temperatures in some cities are 16 degrees Celsius above average. A spokesperson for AEMET, the country’s national weather agency, calls the heatwave ‘one of the most intense episodes in the last 20 years’.

But when I meet Laurence Tubiana, who worked behind the scenes in 2015 to help get the COP21 agreement in Paris across the line, over a morning cup of coffee in Barcelona, the extreme weather doesn’t touch us. We are sitting on a hotel roof, with the Mediterranean on one side and the city on the other.

Laurence Tubiana addresses the Philea Forum in the opening keynote session. Photo credit: Philea

Tubiana, who took the role of CEO at the European Climate Foundation in 2017, is in Barcelona to deliver a message to European philanthropy at the annual Philea Forum – the infrastructure organisation’s first since the European Foundation Centre and Dafne ‘converged’ into Philea several months ago. Just after we speak, she addresses those gathered at the conference’s opening keynote:

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Andrew Milner