Community at the centre: Why community-driven systems change is working for South and East Africa

The US-based Firelight Foundation has been pioneering a community-driven systems change (CDSC) approach to its work with children and young people in Southern and Eastern Africa. What is distinctive about CSDC and what is it achieving?

Alliance members voted to find out more, so Digital Editor Elika Roohi talked to Firelight’s Learning and Evaluation Officer, Ronald Kimambo and to some of Firelight’s grantee partners: Joseph Jackson of the Organisation for Community Development in Tanzania, Michael Sumani from Tikondwe Community-Based Organisation in Malawi and Margaret Mundia of the Wise Trust in Zambia.

Community-Driven Systems Change lets grassroots communities dictate their own path. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Elika Roohi: Could you tell us about the work of your different organisations?

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