September 2022

Decolonising philanthropy

Volume 27 , Number 3

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September 2022

Decolonising philanthropy

Volume 27 , Number 3

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What does decolonisation mean when it comes to philanthropy? And should more foundations be practicing it?

The special feature in this issue of Alliance magazine explores how to decolonise philanthropy and why it should be on the agenda of all foundations committed to a more equitable world. Guest edited by Shonali Banerjee of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge University and Urvi Shriram at the Indian School of Development Management.

Elsewhere, we hear from Maria Souza of Brazil’s Casa Fund who calls for more Brazilian philanthropists to act like Mackenzie Scott and debate all the latest issues in philanthropy worldwide.

Special feature

Decolonising Philanthropy: From conceptual apprehension to functional progress

6 September 2022
Shonali Banerjee and Urvi Shriram

Though the term is increasingly bandied around, what does ‘decolonising philanthropy’ mean and how does it work? Reading the term ‘decolonising philanthropy’ is likely to evoke mixed feelings. Some may feel energised or hopeful, while to others the idea might cause feelings of frustration, apprehension or discomfort. This special feature presents contributors from philanthropic practice and scholarship with an important opportunity to not only unpack the concept of decolonising philanthropy, but to highlight what best …


Beware the pitfalls of playing a blame game

As philanthropists gain greater visibility, a wider philanthropic ecosystem is evolving to develop their practice and represent their interests. No doubt a major driver of this trend is a surge of wealth creation – and wealth concentration – in emerging economies. But there is also a growing recognition that, when done correctly and with good intentions, philanthropy can help to solve challenging social problems alongside others.  As philanthropy globalises, Alliance has been proud to appoint its first group of regional representatives in Africa, South Asia, Latin America and the Arab region with support from Emirati philanthropist, Badr Jafar and the …


Is philanthropy ready to embrace intelligent faliure?

Marie-Luce Claes and Sarah Greenfield For Subscribers

To mark the publication of our special feature on learning from failure in the June 2022 issue, Alliance hosted an …

Trust-based philanthropy is a solution not a myth

Devon Kearney, Gary Shearer, Jo Davies and Steve Francis For Subscribers

One of the most heated debates so far this year came in response to criticism of trust-based philanthropy by Jacobs …

Help! My foundation won’t put its money where its mouth is

Veritas For Subscribers

Dear Veritas,  I work for a foundation that bills itself as progressive, but – in my opinion – isn’t working …

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